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  • A little about the Aplion company

    As a general thing, this section has to contain some kind of pompous text telling that our company is the best one, and it will be profitable for you to work only with us. (No argument there, of course this is exactly what we are like). But as a matter of fact, the way we praise ourselves is hardly interesting for anyone, though if it should turn out to be interesting, you can write to us and ask us to praise ourselves, and we will surely do it – during the time when we are not busy working at your order.

    The Aplion firm was established in Warsaw in November 2015, but the idea itself had emerged much earlier. And the main idea (it is also called “mission”, but I like the word “idea” better) is to help your (or somebody else’s) business to move to a new level using state-of-the-art technologies. As of today, practically any business already has its own Internet site, but such sites are mostly used as an element of prestige but not as a generator of sales and of increase in new customers. Using our experience in Internet advertising, SEO and Internet sales, we can help you in this.

    As early as in 2014, the share of Internet traffic from mobile devices exceeded 50%, that is, more than half of Internet users use mobile devices instead of conventional computers at the moment. Naturally we understood that mobile applications development was a key factor for entrance of business into the Internet as of today. So when we created our company we teamed up with a mobile applications development studio – ReactiveStudio located in Odessa, Ukraine.

    • Date of establishment
      November 2015
    • Location
      The company headquarters of Aplion sp. z o.o is situated in Warsaw, Poland
      Our developers’ office (ReactiveStudio) is situated in Odessa, Ukraine
    • Area of expertise
      • Web development
      • Creation of mobile applications
      • Internet advertising
      • Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing
  • What technologies we use

    • Mobile (Android/IOS/WP8/W10/Tizen)

    • WEB BackEnd

      pyton (Django, Flask)
      nodejs (express, sails)
      Ruby (RubyOnRails, Sinatra)
    • WEB FrontEnd

      JavaScript (jQuery, Underscore/Loadash, Ext.js, React, Angular, Backbone, Chaplin)

    The main services

    • Mobile applications development

      We create cross-platform mobile applications to support your business, and can implement any of your ideas.
    • Website development

      We develop websites of any complexity: promo sites, blogs, online shops, web portals, etc.

    Customer Testimonials

    • "Super professionals in the field of mobile applications development. In the course of work they implemented the requirements at fantastic speed, and suggested excellent ideas on their implementation. In the end, an excellent result was obtained"
      Kirill Lazarenko [topologic]
    • "Very high-quality and professional work. The RS fulfilled 100%. It’s pleasant to work with professionals. Will contact them again in the future!"
      Nikolay Zhavoronkov
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    Aplion sp. z o.o.
    02-001, Warsaw
    Al. Jerozolimskie 85, l. 21

    REGON: 362965240
    NIP: 5223044215
    +48 535 771 578

    Reactive Studio UA

    Ukraine, Odessa
    Pushkinskaya street 38

    +38 093 461 61 77
  • Promotion of your business in the Internet

    As of today, there is a great number of variants for promotion of a business in the Internet. The key methods are contextual advertising, both the teaser and the banner types of it, SEO, and advertising in social networks. This direction has always been one of the most important ones for us, and today we are ready to offer our professionals’ services in the field of Internet advertising for development of your business.

    Regardless of what you sell, services, digital goods, or physical goods, – you can always get new customers using our experience.